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i'm a mod on the mcnet forums and that makes me cool :twisted::twisted:

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Comments (26)

lol, love your header

sweet jesus, you will post flash in 5 years instead of two. oh man :/
oim sad

In 5 years, i'll be out of college. If it's not out by then, it won't ever be.

Holy hell, awesome.

you always take 1 yaer at least per project. i know this. i calculated it with my pocket counter :D

Well sounds cool, i geuss.
Id prefer to have like, screenshots posted though. I mean sure, i like surprises, but i dont like the waiting bit and all...

I'm not totally sure what happened. But why don't you just take out the harddrive and hook it up with a friends computer and get all the files off it. Thats what I did when my computer fucked up. And it would be cool seeing a new series from you. As I like a lot of your work.

u mean u wont finsh mini madness or what cause im getting anxous

oh I wouldn't care, i've noticed your madness combat skills are awfull.

though it might impress the normal, avarage user, i see another failure in madness combat

spend more time on your movies or forget it >: D

I'm so glad that I have loving fans like yourself. Thanks so much for your support. I wouldn't be doing what I do without you!

also: Caek.

It's a lie. Srs.

to SteelaTRnl: he doesn´t suck! he´s the second best madness animator! It´s you SteelaTRnl who sucks balls!!

hankness, your opinion isn't trust-worthy, since i know you hate me since a long time.

man, you must see that <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/436174">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /436174</a>

actually shrinks is awesome sir. i challenge you to amke something like he did

Back off, he and I are cool now. We both just had a minor misunderstanding, but it's all worked out.

Mmm ... one of the bad news would be that much remains to complete madness mini 6 and one of the best serianque Halle and a trailer drawn by 6 or mini madness that is already nearing completion

So I hear you like Peniz?

Noe, silly.

hey shrinkz, could you pm me a fla with all the dying+funny screaming sounds you used in MM5? It'd be highly appreciated.

Sheriff and The Deputy death!

Sheriff vs Al A. Sassing?

actuall y i just dont like people bashing others. but as you may see, shrinkz, i didnt attacked the man, i just told him kindly, to prove his reason of finding your work as ''low''! glad you worked things out.

see, im not a fanboy, im a fan. i will react civilised. so, dont tell me to ''back off'' what am i ? rabid?


(PM me, its been long sir)

HAY SHRINKZ, heard you're a good animator *watches MM5* :O

Um, better go gouge your eyes out. It'll be less painful then watching my stuff srs.

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