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That was basically great.

This is Sheriff from the forums.

That was some really hot shit. Something about it made it feel like some of the older movies, I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, this is definitely up there in my favorite Madness toons. The movements were fluid, I loved the creativity with some of the background elements, and I was especially impressed with the mirror - that's not an easy thing to pull correctly. Anyway, I haven't caught the special frame yet - I'll probably take a look on the second run-through.

Completely worth the wait, man. A+.


You really have come a long way in animation. I think one of the coolest things from being a part of this site for so long and being a part of a single genre for almost that entire time is seeing others progress through it as I have. That really was a fantastic piece, and I was very surprised to see just how good you've gotten since the last time I saw anything from you.

Good luck, and keep up that kind of work.

GabrielBarsch responds:

i canĀ“t believe it... thanks for your review mr. sheriff, and make soon madness mini 6 or pie 3

You're two years late.

But I laughed my as off.

ACE-Corn responds:

well shit yeah that's my style.

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Jesus christ, man.

It seems kind of contradictary that you're trying to explain how to make a custom character, and yet all of your sprites are ripped. If the head goes UNDER the body, then you need to put the head on it's own layer like you're SUPPOSED to do. If it's still under the body, then you have no sense of layer arrangement.

"TH HARE AND GALSES ARNT RIPED" Because I saw that one coming.

You can never have enough sniping games.

I beat the first level on my first try, so I can't vouch for it being impossible, but I can understand why everyone's complaining. You've got to ease people into the games. Give them a first level where they become acquainted with the enemy and what they look like. On that note, I felt like I was flying blind on the first level, as I had no idea what I was supposed to be shooting at. Had that level or a level of a similar base been towards the end, it would have been more of a challenge then an annoying obstacle.

Anyway, great game. Story was good, liked the graphics, and as always, you can never have enough scoped sniping games.


That was a marvel to behold. I kept my computer on for two days, never used any walkthroughs or commands and beat it. It was, by far, the best and most addicting flash game i've ever played. I almost smashed my keyboard in on level 34, but that's the thrill of the game, amirite?
Anyway, really summed up the game for me, and now I'm totally getting the real thing. Thanks for doing such a kickass job.

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Oh, heh.

Yeah, I grabbed this off your site just before it went down, and used it in Madness Mini 5.

I'll link. I never even knew you uploaded it.

Holy shit.

There are a lot of songs on the portal that I like, but when I get the song stuck in my head after the first listen, I know that someone has made some fucking gold. That was an absolutely amazing song. Props, man.

Hm, not bad!

It was a little repetative, but all around, I can tell that you worked hard on this. It reminded me of a 1980's video game song of some kind.

Nice work. 4/5

i'm a mod on the mcnet forums and that makes me cool :twisted::twisted:

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