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i'm a mod on the mcnet forums and that makes me cool :twisted::twisted:

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Comments (17)

Is that superman with an Abe-Lincoln hat?

what is that? Flash Cs6


Also, frame count?

4855. I should have 5500 or so when I'm done.

BuT WAT ABOWT MaDNESSSSSSsSSSS!!!!!!!>!?!!?!?!@?!@!

But seriously good luck wit' that.

I stuck my madness projects in that little crack in between my prostate gland and seminal vesicle until further notice. Don't you go snooping, now.

good luck once again. and is that 28 fps I see here?

28 is a truly amazing framerate. You can be lazy and still make it look beautifully smooth.

Here's to hoping everyone judging loves it! I'd go but I don't get my license until next year. ); Whats the highshool called? I might know where it is.

Believe me, you don't.

wow, man, its been ages! do you ever go to msn/log into pc anymore?
i heard u lost ur mm 6 files, and madness: pie.. which i loved.. :D
anyway, will u work back on them once you finish your essay? at least it looks great. i look forward for your school prioject too.. i hope you get the A'd

1. Hardly/What?
2. Welcome to almost a year ago, may I take your coat?
3. I finished my essay back in the Fall. When I finish my PROJECT, i'll try to get the motivation back.
4. Thank you. I have no doubts that I will.

err i mean, A'S! hehe

yes, it sure is possible to make a great flash that has like less than 33 fps. I can see you use 28, but I'm a 30 fps user. stick with whatever you want, of course. just thought I might as well say this.

aha! the name of it is..... "histan"..... i think.....

so... your submiting this to newgrounds right?

"Regardless, I really like how it's come out so far, and am hoping that the Newgrounds community'll feel the same when that time arrives."

Eh... I really might know. And if I don't... there's this magical site called map quest.

I stalk animators and force them to make callobs for me, incase you're wondering why I want to know.

ermm do you hav any reliable way 2 contact

and err

do you log here anymore

also: try to do mm 6 and madness pie: its coo
madness pie is a worthy thing/pie

also i may add, i hope you remember me, and will let me help you with furture plans/ideas
or with musical usage

No madness mini 6?

Oh get over it for god sakes.