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It isn't going to just hit you in the head out of nowhere. I'd suggest going out there and finding inspiration. Take a break from it all and find something that brings out that creativity you feel is blocked.

I've honestly put a LOT of deep thought into exactly what you're saying here. I really cannot come up with anything more than animation just not being fun any more. Now that I have a series that is essentially 'expected", it kind of puts a constraint on that creative process; not one which exactly stops me from doing whatever i want, just one that makes me feel like my art isn't actually art, it's more of a goal that is inevitably expected of me. It's very difficult to explain or grasp and goes a lot deeper than that; I'm still pondering it very often.

But yes, I absolutely need to be broadening my horizons - I've always held the adage that if you do something well, ANYTHING well enough, it transcends into a form of art on it's own. It's different however, as it sometimes isn't a conventional form of art - it's a personal kind of art that only you can replicate/understand. I may have to use this tactic eventually.

i do, besides, you are one of the most experient madness artists here on newgrounds after scrimp and alpha-nuva, we miss you, i miss your animation style, how much you get improved since all that time ? well, i get improved alot, you know that for the ´´madness one`` one of my best movies, so when you decide do get your ass back to animate ? ima awaiting for you...

hey dude wheres madness mini 6 its been a long time since 5

I will hold my breath.
Unlike you mortals, I have no need for this "breathing" .

Also, sucks that this probably will never happen, but you need ideas to animate them I s'pose.

Eh. I'm going to go eat frosted flakes and cut myself now I guess...

I have ideas. I have ideas dropping out of my ass like shit does from an 80-year-old man with IBS. It's putting them to the grindstone that is the problem now.

Madne4ss Mini is a great series maybe you could just call number 6 the last and leave it at that and then get on with life.
I have ideas block aswell also animators block at 1st you get a burst of imagination and energy to animate the next day you're like "Can't be assed animating this" the inspiration is there it's just getting it onto flash and animating it which is time consuming.
I'm working on a worm type based madness combat so far 11 worms have been killed, just got to draw the next scene now where a rouge worm has been detected.

I hope you well for the future and may your animators/imagination block cease to be.

hey accept my portal buddie friend request FUCK YOU

wel ok I gues1.......

I hate twitter too. But what you wanna do is up to you not us.


About time you made an update. The chance of MM6 happening is ~45%, you say? Well, better than 0%! Hope you get your "urge to create" back, as you called it. Either way, good luck with whatever may follow in your life.....

wats the plot for MN6

Madness pie 3 soon?

how about madness pie 3 its much shorter

hai :D r u goin to make


? :) the last two r awesum :3

bai :D

Welcome Back From the grave.

I actully though you were banned like Splurgle was

Splurgle isn't banned. He's currently off doing something that I can no longer remember. He didn't say when he would return.

are you srs?

how about madness:pie3 do the same thing as madness pie 2 but fighting moves like this:

Goal1:fight for pie!
Do: do a barrel roll

and this

Goal: fight for pie!
Do: punch and then kick

damn (=(

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