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Among the bad, there's always some good.

Posted by Shrinkz - March 28th, 2008

I'd just like to let everyone know that i've begun animation/concept art for a new series. After what happened to my computer, i'm taking a hiatus from Madness for a while. That's right, i'm taking a hiatus.

Don't expect the pilot animation to be out for some time, but I just wanted to let everyone know that regardless of what happened, I am still animating. I may release screenshots as the animation progresses, or just totally surprise everyone one day. Still haven't decided which.

Comments (26)

lol, love your header

sweet jesus, you will post flash in 5 years instead of two. oh man :/
oim sad

In 5 years, i'll be out of college. If it's not out by then, it won't ever be.

Holy hell, awesome.

you always take 1 yaer at least per project. i know this. i calculated it with my pocket counter :D

Well sounds cool, i geuss.
Id prefer to have like, screenshots posted though. I mean sure, i like surprises, but i dont like the waiting bit and all...

I'm not totally sure what happened. But why don't you just take out the harddrive and hook it up with a friends computer and get all the files off it. Thats what I did when my computer fucked up. And it would be cool seeing a new series from you. As I like a lot of your work.

u mean u wont finsh mini madness or what cause im getting anxous

oh I wouldn't care, i've noticed your madness combat skills are awfull.

though it might impress the normal, avarage user, i see another failure in madness combat

spend more time on your movies or forget it >: D

I'm so glad that I have loving fans like yourself. Thanks so much for your support. I wouldn't be doing what I do without you!

also: Caek.

It's a lie. Srs.

to SteelaTRnl: he doesn´t suck! he´s the second best madness animator! It´s you SteelaTRnl who sucks balls!!

hankness, your opinion isn't trust-worthy, since i know you hate me since a long time.

man, you must see that <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/436174">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /436174</a>

actually shrinks is awesome sir. i challenge you to amke something like he did

Back off, he and I are cool now. We both just had a minor misunderstanding, but it's all worked out.

Mmm ... one of the bad news would be that much remains to complete madness mini 6 and one of the best serianque Halle and a trailer drawn by 6 or mini madness that is already nearing completion

So I hear you like Peniz?

Noe, silly.

hey shrinkz, could you pm me a fla with all the dying+funny screaming sounds you used in MM5? It'd be highly appreciated.

Sheriff and The Deputy death!

Sheriff vs Al A. Sassing?

actuall y i just dont like people bashing others. but as you may see, shrinkz, i didnt attacked the man, i just told him kindly, to prove his reason of finding your work as ''low''! glad you worked things out.

see, im not a fanboy, im a fan. i will react civilised. so, dont tell me to ''back off'' what am i ? rabid?


(PM me, its been long sir)

HAY SHRINKZ, heard you're a good animator *watches MM5* :O

Um, better go gouge your eyes out. It'll be less painful then watching my stuff srs.

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