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An actual update. Aren't those rare?

Posted by Shrinkz - January 25th, 2009

I've been working on and off on this for some time now, but have neglected to tell the Newgrounds community about it under my own preference. One of my high school graduation requirements here is to do a big project on a career. Naturally, I'm doing mine on an animator/animation artist. After writing a god-awfully long paper, (which I'm done with now, thank the lord) I have to finish it off with a tangible project, which is an animation. Now I can completely guarantee this will be finished by late April and be out by the summer purely on the grounds that if I don't complete it, I don't pass. Quite a nice bit of incentive for you.

I really can't say a lot about the project itself, but i'll throw a screenshot your way so you can get a general idea of the style. It's my first completely original project, should be five or so minutes long, and will be entirely voiced by myself. Wish me luck:

An actual update. Aren't those rare?

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Looks good, coffee is nice! :D

whateva hapend to madness mini 6?

is he sad?

No Madness, this is what we call progress.

Quite so.

Good Luck! :p



Hmm..... not bad on the drawings..... not bad at all..... anyway, it sure is great to see an update for your page. Good Luck with this thing! And do you have a name for it?

I do, but i'm keeping most of that private until I actually present the animation in front of the school board. Hence why i'm going to be completed in April, but I'm not releasing until May or June.

And by the way, your website, Shrinkz Studios, could really use an update too. Please do get to that as soon as you can. Oh sweet I got 10th comment, lol.

well good luck with that, you should have done madness mini for that project, that would have been good. are you going back to madness mini?

Doing Madness Mini for a school project that has to be shown in front of the board? Absolutely not.

That guy looks a tad bit angry >.>
@ guy above me: Are you a dumb ass?

Oh and what part of VA are you from?

One of those counties that're in the state.

fucking faggot

cann u joyn muh foruhm?

looks pretty, i like it.
picture "on this f*king job again" ?

Awesome, what school do you go to?

One of those schools that're in the county.

I bet this will get a five couse it would probobly be as funny as blockhead.

I doubt it. Most of it's gotta be censored, so I can't put any kind of REAL humor into it.

It's turning out nicely however.

I originally thought this red is caffeined and red-shroomed(muscarined) deputy in MM6 :D