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I'm not dead.

Posted by Shrinkz - January 8th, 2008

Whoops, that delete button is totally in-your-face. Sorry to everyone who previously posted.

Anyway, same old garbage; I'm not dead, i've just been procrastinating a whole lot, and thus haven't had much to talk about. I'm beginning to get back into the swing of animating after my long post-Madness Mini 5 hibernation, and bringing in the new year with the much anticipated Madness: pie 3.

I've also been, under spare time, experimenting with a few new styles of animation that i'm hoping to implement into a brand new series once the madness parodies come to an end. (Yes, it's inevitable.) Keep watch, but not too hard. I've been known to make release promises and not keep them. ;)

Right, Madness: Pie 3:

I'm not dead.

Comments (41)

You SURE your not dead??

You can never be too sure...

I love you man

well, thsi means, after a time, yo uwill quit of madness movies? aww man, at least do some until then. and what news style? sample?

i love yo flash, btw yea

u dead yet or what.

Dam Luis, not quite. Keep holding out.

Can't wait!

yes! finnally madness pie 3!

Finally! I've been waiting for so long!!

Dude give him the pie.....

Now I want pie.

Will Madness Pi3 3 be funny?

Nope. It's going to be horribly dull, boring, and be full of lame Bob Dole jokes.


Hey shrinkz i can t wait fpr pie 3 you make a good job hope its came soon

lol ,thats going to hurt!

i kno you will not answer, but, err what other thing will you work on when you do madness pie, (complete) and finish the m.m 6?

i really wanna know.

Double posting gets you no closer to answers.


also why do you do bruising like that

Man this looks good. I hope It is good.

man, you must see this: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/420188">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /420188</a>

LOL the guy is in a jail and he is try to take the key to scape to take the pie, it,s fuckin epic but this is not the last episode, I think you make the episode 4 of the madness pie series, Im right?

Oh yeah. This looks kewl. BTW, are you using any of my old ideas? =D

If i could get some of those old ideas from you, I'd use them.

That guards head looks ou of place.

But you don't know where he is in the midswing to make his head like that, now do you? :3

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