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HP, you blow substantailly.

Posted by Shrinkz - March 16th, 2008

It's been so fucking long since i've had a clear enough connection to actually get online. Allow me to save the cuture shock from arising later, and say that all of my work on Madness Mini 6, Madness: Pie 3, and quite a few side projects have been deleted.

About a month ago, my computer began having issues with loading parameters, someting i have absolutely no knowledge or expertise in. I brushed it off as asimple error, among the many others my computer has. Allow me to say right now, that My computer is an HP. So, around four days later, I decided to work a little bit on Madness: Pie 3. I went to open my animations folder, where I keep every project I work on, only to recieve, instead of the window holding years with of work, a popup reading "Invalid Link parameters. File could not be found." I'm pretty sure i lost about half my head of hair after reading that, but I always over react at first glance, and i always find a solution afterwards. After calming myself down, I decide to look this problem up on the internet. I went to open my internet connectiuon program, and what to expect, but the same popup, with the same "Inval parameters" message. I'm a little pissed, and kind of worried at this point. I hastily try to move into my animations folder via "My Computer", but alas, the file could not be found. Files, actually. That's a plural.

I ask everyone I know; no one has a ding damn idea what the fuck is going on. HP's got a help desk, which would almost certainly know what kind of underhanded asscrack seeped it's way into my hard drive. I called them up, and get a nice, happy "Welcome to Hewlett Packard Customer service, how may I help you?" I kindly explain my problem, detail by detail. "I'm going to elevate you to level 2 tech support." The nice lady said - Nothing unexpected, the underlings at the level one tech support desk only work on total retards, or generally dumb and easily fixable issues. I hold for about four minutes, when another character, obviously a level 2 techie, comes on the line. i get greeted by the same cheery welcome, and I explain again what's up with my computer. "I'll search that up right now, sir." he says. I'm hoping he has the answer, and I can get my fucking files back. He asks me to read off the serial code and shit. I read it all off, and, most likely with the answer right on his fucking screen, replies with a "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid i can't help you." I blink a few times, and then kindly respond "Why?" He responds "The warranty on your computer has already expired." Hand to my chin, I respond again, "Warrany is for repairs on the computer itself, not on customer support." He sighs for a second, and then gives me "Toshiba's Customer service is supplied in the warranty. I cannot help you, unless you purchase a new warranty. If you would like, i can offer you a - " I set the phone down right there. All he was going to do now was offer me shit I couldn't afford. I'm surprised at this point I hadn't begun cussing the fuck out of him. Years woth of animations hung in the balance of this company's lust for money over customer service. I kindly decline and hang up, all the while gritting my teeth, and go back to my computer, which had been off the whole time. I turn it on, and it blue screens before it canget to the windows startup page.

Long story short, Windows is trashed. Files, gone. I didn't have time to back up, nor did I have a backup device to use. A lot of important projects for school and stuff was deleted as well, so it just goes to show you how important computers are to IRL.

tl;dr, computer's trashed, HP's a useless wanker. Sorry to fans, but I've totally lost any inititive to animate any of those projects. I may begin again sometime, but having a project that you were 83% completed on deleted in one day really messes with your motivation.

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that's why you don't trust computers. They always break down.

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Man.....I REALLY feel sorry for you, hope there was a solution for this that would fix everything. =(

oh man, that its sure a letdown, but dont worry, the inpiration will come again and you will make more pieness 3, i mean madness pie 3 and minimadness 6, anyway, that is sure a letdown, like i said before, sooo sorry dude, maybe it get a virus, i dunno. Dont worry mate! Cheer up!

oh........oh.......oh.....NOOO!shit! I don´t now what to say.

"Fuck HP."
"HP's warranty system blows cocks."
"You should have backed up you stupid prick."

All of those are totally acceptable.

So you were speaking the truth before. I feel really pissed at them and all. But you should not give up, I'll wait till Madness Day 2009 for MM6 and MP3 if I have to. That's all there is to say.

Ouch. That really hurts. Hope you can get your files back someday. And if you ever do, I sure hope you get back to working on MM6 and MP3. Please DON'T give up on those, whether you get the files back or NOT. It would really bum me out if you just quit. Good luck with whatever you may do in the future, even if it's NOT MM6 OR MP3.

It'd be better if I could get my files back NOW. Then I could trash the computer and pretend like nothing ever happened.

But it seems, as of so far, that isn't going to happen.

R u makeing another miniÉ

hp blows i know cause i have a hp computure

fuck, fuck. FUCK. why did this haoppened!!!

argh, buy an other pc, man. (like othet type ,and stuff)
not from HP.

and. .err get an external drive man. so that you have some back up

really,all i can say is,i feel you'r pain...

Did you Take it to Best bye Or Any Pc Shope?

and i know How you Feel (kinda) My old Pc it WAS an HP Nuked Al my Mp3's and The Movie i was makeing,Hope Your luck Picks Up

ok here the things is the internet do this to you lot things go's to your computer it makes your computer to break down that's why i don't use my computer that much and i hate windows it this to me too lost all my games files then lost all my cartoons i made i'can find them that's it

FUCK FUCK NOOOO!!! i reaallyyyy wanted to see madness pie 3 >:(!!
watever it was its fuckin' stupid!!! DAMMIT!!!! ERR i wanted to see it! it looked so good!

Computers always fuck up at the worst moments.

Sorry about your comp dude but never give up dude dont let this put you down keep trying and trying and trying if it happens again go back to HP and tell them that you go give a good gadamn about the warrenty and ask them how did would you feal if months of work ahs gone down the drain and then some asshole at customer support acts like a none careing stupid wanker who has no life and doesnt give a shit about another persons problems he just wants to go home and get on with his shitty life when he could be makeing someboyds life better. You need to keep trying. Has krinkles ever given up and let billlions of fans down? No think of who inspired you to do this did he gove up? No just give it your best shot