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Jesus christ, man.

It seems kind of contradictary that you're trying to explain how to make a custom character, and yet all of your sprites are ripped. If the head goes UNDER the body, then you need to put the head on it's own layer like you're SUPPOSED to do. If it's still under the body, then you have no sense of layer arrangement.

"TH HARE AND GALSES ARNT RIPED" Because I saw that one coming.

You can never have enough sniping games.

I beat the first level on my first try, so I can't vouch for it being impossible, but I can understand why everyone's complaining. You've got to ease people into the games. Give them a first level where they become acquainted with the enemy and what they look like. On that note, I felt like I was flying blind on the first level, as I had no idea what I was supposed to be shooting at. Had that level or a level of a similar base been towards the end, it would have been more of a challenge then an annoying obstacle.

Anyway, great game. Story was good, liked the graphics, and as always, you can never have enough scoped sniping games.


That was a marvel to behold. I kept my computer on for two days, never used any walkthroughs or commands and beat it. It was, by far, the best and most addicting flash game i've ever played. I almost smashed my keyboard in on level 34, but that's the thrill of the game, amirite?
Anyway, really summed up the game for me, and now I'm totally getting the real thing. Thanks for doing such a kickass job.

So boring...

There are too many button-pressing games out there now. This had no point. You tried, so I can't let a try go without something.


aquaticmole responds:

Thanks. Yeah i know there are many of these type games. This was just a small little game I decided to make just for the hell of it and I hope it gets passed.

Thanks for the review.

Not bad at all!

Quite a nice effect for such a small load time. Is 12,000+ Points Good? Anyway, the game was awesome, didn't really catch any big flaws in it.

Nice job. 4/5

"Cool, I Bent It."

Awesome....Or should i say Suppish! I love the action and humor, and the sarcasm. The drawings were kinda sketchy in the beginning, but they got MUCH better towards the end. Lookin' forward to the 3rd!


I've got a new favorite! ^_^

you went WAY past perfection for this. Kick ass storyline, great detail, and it was hard as hell - PERFECT for me. I love when you combine the chain and gum, you see "WOW!!!" In the item box.


this series needs it's own page down the road.

A few improvements.

nice game, but it began to get pretty boring after the 1st level.
The game is pretty glitchy on the 3rd level. I wanted to get the key at the END of the stack of boxes, so i went to walk around them and - wait! I can't! make sure to fix that.
Another thing. I noticed the enemies were kinda...half done. for one, the way they just spontaneously pop out of nowhere over and over really pissed me off. it seems a little hard on the first level to have a barrage of little knife wielding guys coming at you. Also on the subject of the enemies - How do they hurt you? They pass by you, and you take damage. what, do they have extreme B.O.? anyways, what i'm saying is use the TestHit function (Or whatever it's called) to initiate a little attack animation with the enemies when they "Hit" you. it shouldn't be that hard.

With these improvements, i believe you could very well finish the game. (Atleast in my opinion)



I assumed it would eventually happen...but I mean, i've got one of these on my bedside stand! what would I need this for? It's a nice program, however. For the guy before me, your supposed to be voting on the ANIMATION, not the animator.

Not worth my time.

I just wasted 6 minutes tearing apart a badly drawn girl - not worth the kilobytes. there was no end to it, and even though it's pretty obvious in the beginning, it never ACTUALLY tells you how she died. the little bones were annoying, because i wouldn't be able to pick anything up, because i was forgetting a bone smaller then "." all in all, it really needs some work.

also, it's an AUTOPSY! where's the BLOOD!?


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