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That was basically great.

This is Sheriff from the forums.

That was some really hot shit. Something about it made it feel like some of the older movies, I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, this is definitely up there in my favorite Madness toons. The movements were fluid, I loved the creativity with some of the background elements, and I was especially impressed with the mirror - that's not an easy thing to pull correctly. Anyway, I haven't caught the special frame yet - I'll probably take a look on the second run-through.

Completely worth the wait, man. A+.


You really have come a long way in animation. I think one of the coolest things from being a part of this site for so long and being a part of a single genre for almost that entire time is seeing others progress through it as I have. That really was a fantastic piece, and I was very surprised to see just how good you've gotten since the last time I saw anything from you.

Good luck, and keep up that kind of work.

GabrielBarsch responds:

i canĀ“t believe it... thanks for your review mr. sheriff, and make soon madness mini 6 or pie 3

You're two years late.

But I laughed my as off.

ACE-Corn responds:

well shit yeah that's my style.

Very good, krinkels.

Sheriff from the forums again. I'm really impressed at how you split the main role into two people, but kept the same amount of action regardless of how many stars you animated duking it out at once. That's not at all easy to do.

The car chase was great, and it was nice to revisit some areas that I had seen in the previous episodes. I laughed at the fake L33T skit in the room with the map. definitely a nice touch thrown in there.

All in all, I was very happy to see this thing be released. I suppose Radical Oyster owes you $20 now, huh?



Stop tweening everything you make. Please.

There was no point. It was looped, and for fuck sake, stop with your tweening. As of so far, Krinkels is the only one who can tween a madness animation well. Start learning frame-by-frame. You're going to need it if you plan to get anywhere.

On the upside, it was better then the stuff you've made before. It was still bad, it was still VERY bad, but I can actually see a tiny bit of improvement. Keep practicing, but don't submit everything you crap out just for the sake of getting yourself a big list of animations. It's exactly what you're doing.

"He loves to copy-paste."

That was running through my mind the entire time. The kill animations were the exact same from the first room, and outside. EXACTLY. There was no climax, there was no gore factor, there was no action, there wasn't anything. It would have been a redeeming quality had you gotten better, but you didn't, and therefore, your score stays the same.

You should leave the internet for a year and come back when you have skill.

I Doubt that can be called "animation".

Nice 5 minute waste of my life. Copy-Pasting frames is not animation. It's laziness, and it's pathetic. There is no action in a poorly drawn guy standing in the same spot for 40 seconds shooting everyone the exact same way as they just walk through the door like "Hey look, that guy's got a gun. I'm going to go ask why."

The "Final battle", if it can even be CALLED that had me, at one point actually right click just to see if the actual animation was playing, or if it was some lame "continues forever" loop. Having your main character jump and fall the same way for three minutes is not climactic. I'd be pushing it if I said it was ANTI-climactic. I actually said aloud, "Okay, we can move along any day now." That is NOT what you want your viewers to say when they watch something.

No. The truth hurts, deal with it.


I turned off Jessica for that. I actually paused the greatest song in the known universe for that. As much as I really, REALLY like to inspire flash animators, as that stimulates their creative talents, I have to say that if i did that, I would not be stimulating any talent. None exists.

I'm not going to sit here and flame and bitch or anything like that. (Not pointing fingers, but that's what happens to poorly made movies a lot of the time.), but I AM going to suggest that you don't take a series as seriously as you seem to be doing here until you get at least a 3.5 per episode. Allow me to break my "grading scale" for newgrounds down for you. I like to think of a 5.0 as a 100, almost like a grade on a test. a 4.0 falls into the 80 range, while a 3.0 falls into the 60s. A 2.0 goes under the 40s, and a 1.0 falls into the low 20s. I don't know how other schools grade their papers, but in mine, that's a failing paper. Yours as a 2.6. In my grade books, that's a 50. That's a failing paper. (I sound like a fucking teacher.)

Now, i'm not going to beat around the bush when i tell you that you suck at animation. The truth hurts, and there's no easier way to say it, but I'm also going to add that everyone sucks when they begin animation. Look at me, or anyone else who has been doing it for some time. I suggest an assload of practice, and maybe a better storyline. No one wants to see christmas all year long.

Just give it time. You'll get better with practice.

I'm such a late critic.

I was on pins and needles the entire night of this thing's expected release. I watched it about three minutes after it was released (lucky me, I just happened to refresh the portal.), but I can honestly say that this episode was completely worth an extra week and an all-nighter. The moves were fucking intense, every corner kept me on the edge of my seat, the cinematics were so fresh and awesome, and is that the same building that was in Madness Avenger? I see a similarity in that first room!

I'm not on the whole "review" scene often any more, and couldn't get around to reviewing it after I watched it, (crashing on your desk usually doesn't allow for that.), but after that performance, I suggest you kick back, crack a beer and play some Team Fortress, because you've completely earned it.

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