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Shrinkz's News

Posted by Shrinkz - March 5th, 2011

Okay, first of all, this has nothing to do with Madness Mini, or Madness, or Madness: Pie, or any of that stuff. Shut up, I'm done with that for now.

I recently submitted a flash animation for a webcomic I'm producing on madnesscombat.net, which has been running since October or so (with intermittent breaks in-between). The comic's a tribute to Andrew Hussie and his pretty rad webcomic, MS Paint Adventures (which can be found at http://www.mspaintadventures.com), or more specifically Problem Sleuth, one of the comics he's completed on there. It'd a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative where readers and users make suggestions that I may incorporate into the story, which keeps the comic moving along. It really is a very fun thing to do because I know just as much about the next pieces of short-term storyline as the rest of the readers do.

Anyway, if you're interested in reading the comic, feel free to hit up the thread, which is linked right here. While you're there, feel free to sign up and post a bit - I'd love to incorporate some of your ideas into the comic if they're any good. The comic's become pretty convoluted at this point, so it's quite a read; if your intention is to read the whole thing from start to its current place, I suggest you pack a light lunch.

And for the last time, stop asking me about madness toons. I'm not doing anything relating to that right now.


Posted by Shrinkz - April 4th, 2010

I've been receiving some comments from some of you guys (I do read the comments you people make), and have received some mail, both inspiring and, well, some that make me glad I've never put my address on the site. I really only like to post new comments whenever there's actually something to post about - random comments about nothing are just like twitter, and we all know how much I loathe twitter.

Oh, you didn't know I hated twitter? well I do. A lot.

Anyway, lately I've been feeling like I just kind of left everyone who actually still cares (How or why is a miracle in itself) in the dark on what's going on with my stuff. I recently received a personal message from a fan, which I replied to and essentially summed up everything I want to actually explain in layman's terms:

At 3/19/10 7:40 PM, Planeswalker1 wrote: Are you ever going to do Madness Mini 6? The others were very good.

I'd give about a 45% chance that the movie is ever going to be completed. Although I started it long ago, I never got far into it (Literally, only a few hundred frames) and have honestly lost my urge to animate at all.
I'm hopeful that one day my animation 'pang' will return, but don't hold your breath.

That is, essentially, everything I can say at this point. Call it whatever you want, but I call it creativity block, and it's been going on since I began (or tried to) Madness Mini 6 in early 2008. Like I said in the PM, perhaps one day it'll go away, perhaps one day I'll get that urge to create back, but at the moment, animation is basically a hollow process for me, and nothing good comes from doing something you don't want to do.

Anyway, not trying to be a downer or anything, I'm just telling you people like it is, because I know (for the most part) you're all mature enough to take the truth without going ballistic (although past experiences may prove otherwise).

In the meantime, this is where I get off.

Posted by Shrinkz - March 19th, 2009


Hope you guys enjoy. Had to be school appropriate, so expect that going in.

Posted by Shrinkz - March 8th, 2009

Pulling a little confirmation that I'm still working on this project. Deadline's Wednesday the 18th, so I've got a little under 10 days to complete it. I do intend to meet that deadline pretty smoothly. In fact, if I stick to my timeframe, I should be done with the thing this Wednesday, and have the next week to polish some stuff up, add in some sounds, extra effects, whatever I can to impress the board.

This feels more like a pilot animation now than anything, and because of the deadline, I've had to cut out a lot of stuff that I thought would make it longer/funnier, but that's life for you. Regardless, I really like how it's come out so far, and am hoping that the Newgrounds community'll feel the same when that time arrives. Below's another screenie for you.

Howdy Fellas

Posted by Shrinkz - January 25th, 2009

I've been working on and off on this for some time now, but have neglected to tell the Newgrounds community about it under my own preference. One of my high school graduation requirements here is to do a big project on a career. Naturally, I'm doing mine on an animator/animation artist. After writing a god-awfully long paper, (which I'm done with now, thank the lord) I have to finish it off with a tangible project, which is an animation. Now I can completely guarantee this will be finished by late April and be out by the summer purely on the grounds that if I don't complete it, I don't pass. Quite a nice bit of incentive for you.

I really can't say a lot about the project itself, but i'll throw a screenshot your way so you can get a general idea of the style. It's my first completely original project, should be five or so minutes long, and will be entirely voiced by myself. Wish me luck:

An actual update. Aren't those rare?

Posted by Shrinkz - November 27th, 2008

This is confirmation to a Mr. Elmopimp35 that a post on Youtube was actually me?

Hello all. Madness Mini's F. In case no one knows what that means, it means I've basically done nothing on it. I haven't really had the chance to get on my profile to update progress or anything. Sorry. For anyone who doesn't already have one, don't get an IRL. It's like a pet; it always wants stuff from you and occasionally pisses all over your carpet.

So that's it. Feel free to flame and whatever. I'll get around to doing something progressive when I have some time off.

EDIT: Also 3 years on Newgrounds. I'm amazed.

Posted by Shrinkz - June 15th, 2008

:O !!


Posted by Shrinkz - March 28th, 2008

I'd just like to let everyone know that i've begun animation/concept art for a new series. After what happened to my computer, i'm taking a hiatus from Madness for a while. That's right, i'm taking a hiatus.

Don't expect the pilot animation to be out for some time, but I just wanted to let everyone know that regardless of what happened, I am still animating. I may release screenshots as the animation progresses, or just totally surprise everyone one day. Still haven't decided which.

Posted by Shrinkz - March 16th, 2008

It's been so fucking long since i've had a clear enough connection to actually get online. Allow me to save the cuture shock from arising later, and say that all of my work on Madness Mini 6, Madness: Pie 3, and quite a few side projects have been deleted.

About a month ago, my computer began having issues with loading parameters, someting i have absolutely no knowledge or expertise in. I brushed it off as asimple error, among the many others my computer has. Allow me to say right now, that My computer is an HP. So, around four days later, I decided to work a little bit on Madness: Pie 3. I went to open my animations folder, where I keep every project I work on, only to recieve, instead of the window holding years with of work, a popup reading "Invalid Link parameters. File could not be found." I'm pretty sure i lost about half my head of hair after reading that, but I always over react at first glance, and i always find a solution afterwards. After calming myself down, I decide to look this problem up on the internet. I went to open my internet connectiuon program, and what to expect, but the same popup, with the same "Inval parameters" message. I'm a little pissed, and kind of worried at this point. I hastily try to move into my animations folder via "My Computer", but alas, the file could not be found. Files, actually. That's a plural.

I ask everyone I know; no one has a ding damn idea what the fuck is going on. HP's got a help desk, which would almost certainly know what kind of underhanded asscrack seeped it's way into my hard drive. I called them up, and get a nice, happy "Welcome to Hewlett Packard Customer service, how may I help you?" I kindly explain my problem, detail by detail. "I'm going to elevate you to level 2 tech support." The nice lady said - Nothing unexpected, the underlings at the level one tech support desk only work on total retards, or generally dumb and easily fixable issues. I hold for about four minutes, when another character, obviously a level 2 techie, comes on the line. i get greeted by the same cheery welcome, and I explain again what's up with my computer. "I'll search that up right now, sir." he says. I'm hoping he has the answer, and I can get my fucking files back. He asks me to read off the serial code and shit. I read it all off, and, most likely with the answer right on his fucking screen, replies with a "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid i can't help you." I blink a few times, and then kindly respond "Why?" He responds "The warranty on your computer has already expired." Hand to my chin, I respond again, "Warrany is for repairs on the computer itself, not on customer support." He sighs for a second, and then gives me "Toshiba's Customer service is supplied in the warranty. I cannot help you, unless you purchase a new warranty. If you would like, i can offer you a - " I set the phone down right there. All he was going to do now was offer me shit I couldn't afford. I'm surprised at this point I hadn't begun cussing the fuck out of him. Years woth of animations hung in the balance of this company's lust for money over customer service. I kindly decline and hang up, all the while gritting my teeth, and go back to my computer, which had been off the whole time. I turn it on, and it blue screens before it canget to the windows startup page.

Long story short, Windows is trashed. Files, gone. I didn't have time to back up, nor did I have a backup device to use. A lot of important projects for school and stuff was deleted as well, so it just goes to show you how important computers are to IRL.

tl;dr, computer's trashed, HP's a useless wanker. Sorry to fans, but I've totally lost any inititive to animate any of those projects. I may begin again sometime, but having a project that you were 83% completed on deleted in one day really messes with your motivation.

Posted by Shrinkz - January 8th, 2008

Whoops, that delete button is totally in-your-face. Sorry to everyone who previously posted.

Anyway, same old garbage; I'm not dead, i've just been procrastinating a whole lot, and thus haven't had much to talk about. I'm beginning to get back into the swing of animating after my long post-Madness Mini 5 hibernation, and bringing in the new year with the much anticipated Madness: pie 3.

I've also been, under spare time, experimenting with a few new styles of animation that i'm hoping to implement into a brand new series once the madness parodies come to an end. (Yes, it's inevitable.) Keep watch, but not too hard. I've been known to make release promises and not keep them. ;)

Right, Madness: Pie 3:

I'm not dead.